Published on 28 June 2024 at 09:46

Good Morning:

I wanted to share some exciting news. I have a new book trailer for Theo's Heart. The trailer was created for me by a wonderful author named Susan. I continue to meet kind souls, like Susan, who are helping me as an author. The trailer and Susan's websites are below, so check them out!

As you will learn, I am very intuitive, and I love all of the many signs that come my way. Divine signs are in Theo's Heart.

I wrote Finding Faith, my contemporary romance novel in 2018. This year, I thought I was going to write a nonfiction book about grief, but then I had the idea for Theo's Heart. In 2023, I had a CAT scan, and it wasn't until I was in the tube, that the plot came to me, which was an interesting place for this to happen! And the story evolved from there. 

When I write books, I tend to use my own experiences whether I relive emotions, or things that have touched me or happened to me. In Theo's Heart, when Mari (main character) was in Theo's hospital room while he was unconscious, someone poked her arm. Well, that happened to me in real life when I was with my friend who was dying. No one else was in the room. I've also done a lot of read about dying, near death experiences and the afterlife, and I believe in the things that happen in Theo's Heart.

In my next blog, I will talk about how I chose scenic southern Minnesota to be the setting in Theo's Heart.

Have a wonderful weekend.