Published on 17 May 2024 at 20:17

Dear Readers:

The big news today, is that Theo's Heart is published on Amazon! Wow! There was a lot of behind the scenes work. A handful of talented and gifted people helped me to edit this short story. I had an amazing guy create the cover, and a very patient and gifted woman format it! All of these names are inside the book toward the front. 

The idea behind Theo's Heart came from my personal experiences with grief, loss, and finding love. While it's a fictional story, the theme deeply resonates with me. Maybe it will touch your heart too, and I'd love to know!

As you read Theo's Heart, there are signs throughout that mean different things. For example, there is a number that often reappears. It was intentional that I chose the 17th of May to publish Theo's Heart. This number is significant, and maybe one day, I will share the reason. 

In closing, I am deeply touched by the kindness shown by the people who friend and follow me on Facebook and those who continually reach out to show support through random acts of kindness.

While I was writing Theo’s Heart, I didn’t feel seen. Now I do. 

I have YOU to thank for that!